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Why am I not getting any bookings?

You might not be showing up on the map or on the list. Please check that you are registered as a seller if you are a tutor or that you have saved your card information as a student. Please also check that your location is entered correctly.

Are my card details safe?

Your card details and relevant information are secured by Stripe using 256-bit industry grade encryption. Please see for more details

How is payment handled/where's my money?

Payment is handled through Stripe. As a student, your payments will be held with us until the lesson is over. After both you and the teacher confirm that the lesson started and was completed, the payment will be disbursed to them. Please note as a tutor you will receive slightly less than the per hour value you entered for the lesson. These are the fees Stripe charges and not the booking fees that our App charges.

As a teacher, your payment will be disbursed daily or within 24 hours from the lesson ending. Please do give 2-3 working days for your respective banks to process the payments for you.


However, do note that the first payment will take 7 days to process. Please see for more info.

You may also check the status of your earnings at

What if a student cancels a lesson or doesn't show up?

If a lesson is cancelled, it will be automatically reflected in the in-app calendar. That slot will then be available for booking once more.


If a student does not show up, a pop up will appear at the end of the lesson timing asking you if the lesson was completed. Please select and no and you will be directed to the support chat where you can elaborate on any issues. 

What if a tutor doesn't show up?

A pop up will appear in the app at the beginning of the lesson asking you if the teacher is here. Please select no for this. You will then be directed to support chat where you can describe the issue. We will then refund you for the initial amount minus the booking and transaction fees. These fees are primarily levied by Stripe for payment processing. We charge only a 1% booking fee on the transaction. 

Why was the full amount not refunded when the tutor cancelled?

The fees that Stripe, which are the majority of the fees,  along with our booking fees which represent our platform costs, are not refunded. 

I want to dispute payment or request a review

Please contact us directly through the contact form on this website. Alternatively, you can email us at directly as well. 

How is my data handled?

Teachr is committed to your privacy. None of your data is transferred or shared with any third-parties. Your confidential data such as card details are secured with Stripe.

How do I delete my data?

Please contact us directly through the contact form on this website. Alternatively, you can email us at directly as well. We will then immediately delete your account from the app along with related data such as your email and address etc.  

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